Types of Hair
Professional Use Products
  Professional Use Products
Enriched with water melon, peppermint and other herbal extracts that are great for your scalp. Revitalizes scalp to restore, condition, strengthen and provide nutrition to it. It also helps to prevent oil accumulation on the scalp.
Its herbal extracts and 21 triple molecular weight amino acids that rejuvenates hair growth, restores and maintains weakened hair after chemical treatment.
Suitable for all types of hair.
Shampoo , wash it away with warm water.
Dry your hair.
Spray the conditioner evenly on the scalp , then massage the scalp with fingertips.
Spread the treatment Serum evenly onto the scalp and rub it lightly . Leave on for 5- 10 minutes with heating or leave on for 12 - 15 minutes without heating.
Wash it away with warm water.
Dry it. Style as usual. 
You'll get a fashion-able hair style!
  Enriched with triple-molecular-weight amino acids , herbal extracts and vitamins that are great for nourishing and moisturizing the scalp while leaving a soft, shining gloss on the hair. It helps to rebuild hair structure, provide abundant water to cuticle layer of the hair and scalp and moisturizes to give hair a good shine and body.
Suitable for colour-treated , dry or permed hair.
Water SPA with deep cleansing and mint fragrance makes you feel fresh and invigorating.
Massaging the scalp with fingertips leaves a cool feeling that helps release tension.
Washing it away with cold water helps stimulate your mind.
Water SPA gives you deep cleansing and treatment rebuilds hair structure and moisturizes your hair.
New Perm Concept
Water Perm (for straight hair perm)
(Ideal for use on all types of hair)
Clean the hair with normal shampoo or deep clean shampoo
Apply J96 to help provide enough protection to the hair against heat damage.
(Healthy Hair: Need not apply; Normal Hair : Apply small amount; Damaged hair: Apply evenly onto the hair, especially at end of the hair)
Appy J99 as a softener to make the hair lose its stiffness. Pour out proper amount into the bowl, then rub and spread evenly onto the hair (apply 1.5cm from the hair root)
Softnening time( As reference)
Normal Hair
Damaged Hair
Healthy Hair
15- 20 minutes
10 - 15 minutes
25-30 minutes
Softness testing method:
Take 1 - 2 hair to test. Make sure the softness of the hair should be 20 - 30%, rinse with warm water ( Do not use shampoo ) , then dry the hair up to 90% dry.
( Make sure to keep the hair straight)
Split the hair into few sections. Use aluminium foil to wrap the hair, then use the flat iron tool to perm the hair( heat using 160’c - 180’c). Straightening the hair from the hair root ( around 1cm) to give a smoother finish, means working from the bottom to top( until zero degree). Repeat it, until the flat iron has completely smoothed out the curls.
Apply J99 to style the hair, leave on for 15 ‘C 20 minutes. Then wash it away with warm water.
( Do not use shampoo, can apply J96 for perm treatment)
Wash it away with warm water. ( Do not use shampoo ) Then apply J52 evenly onto the hair to protect the hair. Suggestions : Goto Saloon to do a hair treatment after 1 week from the perm.
Do not to wash or tie the hair within 3 days.
Water Perm can completely smooth out your curls and
can give your hair a sleek and silky look.
    Water Perm                                                         Traditional Perm
  After dyeing or perming your hair, water perm can revitalize your damaged hair.   Not suitable for damaged hair.
  During the perming process , it can help restore your hair.   During the process of perming , your hair can be damaged.
  After perm, a natural gross is restored.   After perm, your hair will not look natural.
  Retains moisture, giving your hair a sleek and silky look.   Makes your hair become dry and brittle.
  The Iatest straightening technology.   The traditional way of straightening hair
  Concentrated , small volume needed.   More volume needed.
  Softening time, 10 ‘C 15 minutes.   Softening time, 20 ‘C 30 minutes.
  Water Perm Concept helps to reduce the damage to your hair during straightening hair.
We will keep striving forward with the trend, and keep going back to hair conditioning!
Water 3D Perm
(Ideal for use on all types of hair)
Easy to apply. This Water 3D perm has high osmosis power for producing desired curl on the hair and achieving 3D elasticity effect. It will give your hair a lasting curl effect.
  Wash the hair with shampoo. Then dry it.
3D elasticity effect, fashionable hair style.
  Cut your hair according to the style. Apply J96 Rub evenly onto the hair to protect against the heat.
  After thorough rinse, do a hair treat- ment.
  Apply Water Perm No 2 when cool.
(15 minutes)
  Fix curling rolls with Water Perm No. 1 .
  Comb, tighten, fix the curling rolls..
  Heat it.
  Stop heating . Spray J97 to protect the hair.
  Control the heating duration.